Centres for imparting scientific and technical training for fulfilling the requirements of industrial sectors is a long time felt need at the present context of ever increasing and fast developing industries of various kind with special mention to petroleum oriented enterprises which occupy a major share of industries which in fact is a live topic of discussion of our time for many reasons.

Mushroom like emergence of appreciable and good number of engineering colleges and technical institutions akin to them release a great number of students who are essentially in need of specialized training certifications besides the professional qualifications they are issued by the concerned colleges. If they have to succeed in grabbing descent jobs befitting to the regular professional educational qualifications they possess, they have to acquire certifications in special training for gaining mastery over the subjects matching and related to their occupations. A job aspirant without adequate certification in relevant special training need not succeed in gaining a job worth his qualification. In fact, the above said situation offers much scope and potentiality for special training ventures like MAKE WORLD INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM.

The principal impetus behind our decision of establishing an endeavour under the banner MAKE WORLD is extremely germane to the above mentioned scenario.

Ever since the perception of our neo concept of setting up a finishing school, from its embryonic phase itself, we have the firm determination to impregnate the same with study programmes on whose completion, the students, our prestigious products, to become effortless and quick job gainers in the present job market as they are moulded by our institute to become ace performers possessing the cutting edge and qualities like professional competence, work efficiency, trouble shooting skills, innovation, investigatory outlook, analysing capability, corporate philosophy and so on plus all other soft skills needed for the success of job aspirants without which their every attempt will end up in fiasco.